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Government Of Assam Morigaon District

Status report AAGY

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    Status report AAGY
    Entry Gate at Bangfor & 1 No Burgaon village_compressed168.52 KBswf-image
    Solar Street Light 1 No. Burgaon_compressed272.26 KBswf-image
    Solar Street Light at Lawbhurunga village_compressed316.54 KBswf-image
    Solar Street Light Bangfor_compressed252.81 KBswf-image
    Solar Street light Baribandha Village_compressed304.42 KBswf-image
    Solar Street Light Rupahibori_compressed199.3 KBswf-image
    Construction Committees_compressed2.36 MBswf-image
    VDP_1 No Burgaon_Morigaon_compressed770.43 KBswf-image
    VDP_Bungfor_Morigaon_compressed797.43 KBswf-image
    VDP_Lawbhurunga_Morigaon_compressed625.4 KBswf-image
    Baseline survey AAGY- Morigaon Dist_compressed2.12 MBswf-image
    AAGY Guidelines2.21 MBswf-image
    DLC403.95 KBswf-image
    Entry Point Activities290.84 KBswf-image
    Final Minutes of the review meeting on AAGY on 03-11-2021882.78 KBswf-image
    Physical Verification Report903.99 KBswf-image
    VLC1.97 MBswf-image
    Status Report of Quaterly Review of AAGY1014.03 KBswf-image