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Government Of Assam Morigaon District

Mandate & Functions

  • Mandate

    Registration, supervision, assistance, counselling and conduct of elections of B.O.D members and all round development of Cooperative Movement. The Cooperative Societies are managed by a democratically elected body of Boards of Directors under the provision of The Assam Cooperative Societies Act. 2007.

    Following the replacement of earlier The Assam Cooperative Societies Act. 1949 the following Acts came into force and is implemented by the department.

    1. Assam Cooperative Societies Act. 2007 (Act IV of 2012)
    2. The Assam Cooperative Land Mortgage Bank Act. 1960.
    3. The Money Lenders Act. 1934


    The Board / Managing Committees are to manage the affairs of the respective Coop : Societies to achieve the various objective as enshrined in their representative Bye-Laws adopted by them in accordance with the provision of the Assam Cooperative Societies Act. 2007.

    Activities of the Department

    The Schemes include Agricultural credit, distribution of essential commodities, Dairy, Fishery, Housing, Processing, Marketing, Farming etc.