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Government Of Assam Morigaon District

Mandate & Functions

  • VIsion

    To ensure justice , dignity and descent pay to the working class.


    i) To ensure welfare amenities and various Labour Legislation to all section of workers in organized / unorganized sectors through enforcement of various Labour Laws.

    ii) To ensure good relationship between emplyers and employee by mitigating the level of confrontation through speed settlement of disputes and grievances.

    iii) A special measure for the welfare of building & other construction workers by registering the workers and providing various benefits to the registered workers.

    iv) Registration of unorganized workers under unorganized worker social security act 2008.

    The office is responsible for implementation of the following Acts::

    i) Assam Shops and Establishment Act, 1971.

    ii) Minimum Wages Act, 1948.

    iii) Contract Labour Act, 1970.

    iv) Plantation Labour Act, 1951.

    v) Child and Adolescent Labour (P&R) Act, 1986.

    vi) Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996.

    vii) Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961.

    viii) Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.

    ix) Employee's Compensation Act, 1923.

    x) Equal Remuneration Act, 1976.

    xi) Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.

    xii) Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.

    xiii) Payment of Wages Act, 1936....etc