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To form and registration of primary weavers cooperative Society. Interested persons may Contact with the Office of the Superintendent Handloom & Textiles, Morigaon.


Objective of the program is to enable the weavers to weave clothes in their looms at home . The weaves are supplied with yarns from these units along technical assistance as and when necessary from the technical staff available in these centers . On return of woven fabrics the weavers receive wages as per approved rate of the Department. These are 98 nos. such weavers Extension service unit functioning all aver the state.

There are 3 no of such weavers Extension service units functioning in Morigaon District. (1) Morigaon Town (2) Charaibahi And (3) Barapujia.

Weavers can contact with their nearest weavers Extension service unit (WESU) for more information.


The Department of Handloom & Textiles comprising of 102 Handloom Training Centers through out the State Particularly in Rural areas to import training for creating artisans and up grading Skill on Handloom weaving. Designing and Dyeing etc. The course duration of these Centers is one year with in take Capacity of 15 to 20 trainees per training centre per Session . Stipend Provision is available. The candidates Should be unmarried and the age of the Candidates should be15 years to 25 years. The candidates must be Passed VIII Standard.

The receiving of applications from the interested Candidates Starts from January every Year and the Session of course Starts from March every Year. The State Govt. has designed a self employment Scheme for the Students Successful Passed out from the Handloom Training Centers for Production of Handloom fabrics with an objective of entre Preneurship development in the Handloom Sector. Each Successful passed out student in entitled to received a single loom oriented Package of Rs 25,000/- under this Scheme. Rs 5000/- will be Provided as working Capital and Rs 20,000/- will be expended for Supply of Looms & accessories each to the passed out trainees.

There are 4 nos. of such Handloom Training Centre in Morigaon District. (1) Auguri Training Centre (2) Charaibahi Training Centre (3) Kopahera Training Centre and (4) Nellie Training Centre During 2018-2019 financial year ………nos. passed out trainees have been provided Rs5000/- each as working capital.

Candidates can contact with their nearest Handloom Training centre for more information.


To develop the Handloom activities in an organized way the concept of Handloom Weavers. Cooperative society was introduced in the state under the Assam CooperativeSocieties Act,1949, Act, -1 of 1951. A three tire cooperative system was formed as (i) Apex Level Society (ii) Regional level/ District Level Society and (iii) Primary Weavers cooperative Society .

Apex Level Society :-

There is only one Apex Level Handloom Cooperative Society under the Directorate in the State . It is the Assam Apex weavers and artisans cooperative Fedaration Ltd. (ARTFED) A Board

Of Directorates runs the management and business of the ARTFED as per provision of the Bye-Laws. The basic business of ARTFED is to supply yarns to the member primary cooperative Societies, to procure finished products of handwoven fabrics from them and to sale out the product through their established show rooms inside and outside the state Govt. for development and marketing promotion of the handwoven products of the weavers of the state .

Regional Level/District Level Handloom Cooperative Society :-

There are two Regional Level Societies and five Districts Level Societies are Functioning in the state . The procedure of business of these Societies are Similar to that the ARTFED but Confined only to the respective region and District .

Primary Weavers Cooperative Society (PWCS) :-

There are about 4012 nos of primary weavers cooperative Societies (PWCS) registered under the Directorate of Handloom and Textiles in the State . Out of these 52 nos. of registered PWCS in Morigaon District. Each Society has a minimum of 100 weaver members. These Societies are involved directly in production of handloom fabrics. The Societies is run by a managing committee consisting of 15 members as per provision of the amended Bye-Law of Assam Cooperative Act, 2007. The managing committee is headed by an elected president. A Secretary is appointed by the Committee to execute the PWCS. In the financial year 2018-2019. 13nos. of PWCS have been provided Rs 25000/- each as working capital for running their business Smoothly.


The Govt. has decided to setup yarns Banks in every District Headquarters and other important handloom clusters in the State to Supply good quality hank years to the genuine weavers at revised subsidized rate of 30% . So that they can offer their products at cooperative price in case of cotton, acrylic, Synthetic etc. (Grey, bleached, dyed) a weaver will be entitled to a maximum quantity of 4.54 Kg of hank yarn per handloom per month. In case of silk yarn ( Eri, Muga, Pat yarn) maximum quantity will be 1.50 Kgs. per loom per month. In case of functioning primary weavers cooperative Society, Handloom production centre , Weavers Extension Service unit maximum 30.00 Kgs of yarn per month.

In Morigaon District The ARTFED (Jagaran) has been implementing the Scheme at Morigaon District. The ARTFED will issue YARN PASSBOOK to an eligible weavers . A weaver can apply for yarn passbook in a prescribed format affixing 2 photographs along with a xexox copy pf Vote ID. The prescribed format can be downloaded for form section under Document menu.


The State Govt. has been taken up a oriented Scheme Since 2008-2009 for the economic upliftment of poor weavers who takes weaving as their livelihood. Under this Scheme a groups of weavers (Consisting of 10-20 nos. weaver members ) Considered for this Scheme. It is a comprehensive Handloom development Scheme which Contains the Components of New looms with accessories, Jacquard Machine,       Skill- up-gradation training provisions of workshed , supply of Raw materials (yarn) etc.

 In Morigaon District 3nos. of weavers group have been Selected for this Scheme in 2018-2019. Skill up-gradation training of these group have been Conducted stipend and working capital (yarn) has already provided to each weaver member.


 It is a cluster area development scheme Covering 400-500 looms in a compact of one or more villages. The Scheme implemented on a project mode through base line survey of the project area and ascertaining actual need of  the weavers for Sustainable growth of the weaving industry. The Handloom Cluster Development Programmed (HCDP) is an attempt to facilitate the Sustainable development of handloom weavers located in and outside identified handloom cluster into a Cohesive. Self managing and Competitive Socio-economic unit.

  In the cluster some of the components of the Scheme are :- Supply of new looms. Supply of Accessories, Supply of Jacquard Machines, Margin Money, Workshed, Skill Up-gradation training on weaving Designing, dyeing etc. During training period Rs 150/- per day per trainee will be provided. The maximum project cost of the cluster is Rs 2.00 Cr . Duration of implementing period of the Scheme is three years . Every year 40 ( forty ) nos. of weavers have taken to some developed handloom industry inside or outside the State for exposure visit to promote their experience.

            In the financial year 2018_2019 the Govt. has identified 3nos cluster area all over Assam in Morigaon District.



The Govt. of India has launched the weaver Mudra (Micro units Development and Refinancing Agency) Scheme to provide financial help to the handloom weavers after discontinuation of WCC Scheme. It is a modified version of the loan provisions to the weavers of the Country in a Cheaper rate  of interest and easy processing method. Loan has to be provided with a 6 % rate of interest to the weavers/PWCS/Entrepreneurs for 3 years. The balance of the bank interest will have to be claimed before the ministry will also release the said interest Subvention directly to the respective Bank Head office. The upper Limit for loan has been increased up to Rs 5.00 Lakhs per application. There is also the provision of Margin money a the rate of 20 % of the loan amount out of which maximum Rs 10000/- will be provided by the Ministry of Textiles Govt. of India.

            In Morigaon District at the end of November/2019  167Nos of proposal of weavers Mudra Scheme have already been sent to the concerned Bank branches.


This is a converged Scheme of Mahatma Gandhi Bunkan Bima Yojona (MGBBY) :- This Scheme is implemented through LIC of India for the financial Security benefit of the weaver families .

PMJJBY :- All handloom weavers/workers in the age group of 18-50 years will be eligible to cover under this Scheme . Total premium is Rs 330/- per annum. Weavers/workers Share =Rs 80/- per annum, GOI Share Rs 150/- per annum, Social Security fund of LIC= Rs 100/- per annum .

Benefits :- Rs 2.00Lakhs is payable on beneficiaries death due to any cause for one year period from 1st  June to 31st  May.

PMSBY :- All handloom weavers/workers in the age group of 18-50 years will be eligible to cover under this Scheme.


Rs 2.00Lakhs is payable on beneficiaries accidental death & permanent total disability.

Rs 1.00 lakhs for permanent partial disability for one year period from 1st June to 31st May

The weaver/workers in the age group of 18-50 years on deposit of his/her Share of Rs 80/ will be entitled for coverage under both the Schemes PMJJBY and PMSBY.

The annual premium of Rs 12/- will be born entirely by the Govt. of India.


The Govt. India has Launched a new concept of setting up of Block level cluster for development of Handloom sector . The basic concept of the scheme is to set Up a common facility centre (CFC) at the block level along with a common service centre to serve weavers of the block with a facility as per loom and post loom activities. It is a cluster area Dev. Scheme covering 800-1200 loom in a compact area of one or more villages. The implementation of the project has been initiated with conduction base line survey and engagement of cluster Dev. Executive(CDE) and Designer cum marketing executive . The base line survey is conducted to ascertain actual need of the weavers for sustainable growth of the weaving industry. In the cluster sum of the components of the scheme are –supply of new looms, supply accessories, supply of jacquard machines, margin money, workshed skill up-gradation training on weaving design dying etc. During training period stipend will also be provided . The maximum project cose of the cluster is Rs 2.00 Cr. The scheme implementation period is 3 years. The scheme is implemented by weaver service centre Guwahati.

In Morigaon District,  2nos. of such block level schemes are running 1no at under Kapili block Dev. (Pub Barbhugia Charaibahi) and under Bhurbandha Block Dev. Eragaon Arpana block level cluster Morigaon Town. The Govt has already released the fund of 1st installment . About 2000 weavers of the District will be benefited by these schemes.


It is a cluster area Dev. Scheme covering 300-500 looms in a compact area of one or more villages . The scheme is implemented on a project mode through base line survey of the project area and ascertaining actual need of the weavers for sustainable growth of the weaving industry. In the cluster some of the components of the schemes are supply of new looms , supply of accessories , supply of jacquard machines, margin money, workshed, Skill up-gradation training on weaving , designing dying managerial training etc. During training period stipend will also be provided. The maximum project cost of the cluster is Rs 60.00 lakhs. The scheme implementation period is 3 years. Every year 40nos of weavers have taken to some Dev. Handloom Industrial area inside or outside the State for exposer visit to promote their experience.

 Three of such scheme is running at Dandua , Boha Borjari and Nijora Par. It has covered 900 weavers and already completed 2 years. The Govt. has already released Rs 31.26Lakhs (Per Cluster) Implementation of scheme.

Already 20 weavers group (Consisting of 15 no. each) have formed margin money of Rs 6000/- is deposited to the bank account of is group (Including 3clusters).

The skill up-gradation training on weaving, dying and designing is also provided to per cluster 60 nos. weavers (20nos from is disciplines new loans are provided to 57 no. weavers, loom accessories are provided  to 64 weavers , 120 hook capacity jacquard machine are provided to 29 weavers, workshed loomshed) are provided to 12 weavers Raw materials(Yarn), are supplied to each group for production of handloom fabrics. Besides these 80nos weavers are taken for exposer visits.(Per cluster)         

For more information please contact with http://www.ght.assam.gov.in