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Government Of Assam Morigaon District

Mandate & Functions


The Assam Public Works Department was established in the year 1880 under British Rule. At the beginning It had the responsibility for all public infrastructure development, construction and maintenance works.

But in the year 1977 to share the increasing work load and for providing more stress on developmental works, the Assam P.W.D was divided into two wings viz Roads and Building wings.

Since then both the wings are functioning with their prescribed responsibility.

The P.W.D Morigaon Building Sub-Division was established in the year 1979 at Morigaon near Shankar Madhab High School in Morigaon District.



The principal function of the P.W.D Morigaon Building Sub-Division is to Develop, Construct & Maintain the Infrastructure for Accommodation of all types of Govt. buildings as well as other relevant works inside the campuses.