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Government Of Assam Morigaon District

Mandate & Functions


To identify actual Handloom weavers Economic upliftment of weavers through weaving Handloom cloths.Stress given for Quality production of Handloom cloths & increasing quantity by using modern machineries.


Superintendent  D.D.O.   & supervise all official works
Sr./ Jr  inspector(Auditor)( cooperative) Audit works of B.K.S.S. & preparing Balance sheet
D.H.O. Doing works of various BKSS & other official works  
Inspector (Circle)  Working for implementing various schemes & preparing progress report
Inspector (W.E.S.U.) Supply yarn to registered weavers, Collect cloths after paying wages and Selling  the cloths in the respective Unit.
Instructor (HTC) Imparts training  to selected trainees pn Handloom
Demonstrator (circle)  Doing field duty on various schemes Circle wise
Demonstrator  (WESU ) Offering technical guidance to the Weaver for producing cloths as per Specification
Demonstrator ( H. T. C) Imparts training  to selected trainees On Handloom
UDA & LDA  Performing clerical works in office