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Government Of Assam Morigaon District

Mandate & Functions


The department works with the mission to strive for enhancing productivity and total volume of quality production through an integrated approach for Infrastructure Development and Extension Services in rural areas, Capacity building of the Community, Private Institutions, Government Departments/Agencies, FMCs & other Self Help groups, NGOs. Application of modern technology by up gradation of research and development activities in the field of agriculture and horticulture, and by removing any bottlenecks for sustainable development.

The vision of the department is to achieve self-reliance and rural prosperity through adoption of scientific agricultural and allied practices of production of food grains and other crops thereby raising the quality of life of rural people of the district and thereby contributing to the growth of a vibrant, self-sustaining and surplus production.

The important objectives of the department at district level are the followings:

  • Enhancement of economic up liftment with special thrust to landless, marginal and small farmers.
  • Employment generation for rural people in the agricultural sector
  • Enhancement of the per capita income to minimize the differences between rural and urban area. Improvement of nutritional standards for betterment of health.
  • Discouragement to migration from rural to urban area thereby minimizing congestion & other associated problems in the society.

Functions At District Level

Implementation of policies and programmes taken up by the State Level Authority aimed at achieving rapid growth through optimum utilization of land, water, soil and plant resources of the state. Implementation of beneficiary oriented schemes for economic upliftment of farming community.

Establishing farmer-department co-ordination in implementing and providing technological know-how to the farming community through Extension Service. Undertaking all possible measures to ensure timely and adequate supply of input and services such as fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, agricultural implements etc.

Creating adequate irrigation facilities to farmers through minor irrigation schemes so as to obtain maximum return from their land. Popularizing the use of farmer's friendly bio-fertilizers. Motivating farmers to minimize the use of toxic pesticides and to control the environmental pollution with adoption of Integrated Pest Management.

Motivating farmers for diversification of area from traditional crops to commercial crops Monitoring soil health and testing of nutrient level of soil samples collected from farmers of the district. Undertaking measures to provide short term agricultural credit to poor farmers. Implementing Calamity (like flood, drought etc.) relief programmes.